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In fact functional studies showed an increment in apoptosis, necrosis or cell migration after the infection.

Finally, 72 hpc, activity returned to normal levels, and more than 50% of the genes were downregulated in a negative feedback of all of the previously active processes. The key point to overcome the challenge seemed to be 8 hours after the challenge, when we detected immune functions that could lead to the destruction of the pathogen and the activation of a wide variety of processes related to homeostasis and defense.

A total of 12,156 successfully annotated transcripts were considered for the DNA microarray design (see Methods).

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One probe for annotated transcripts with known orientation was designed to construct a high-density oligo-DNA microarray, while two probes with both orientations were designed for contigs with ambiguous orientation (see Table Quantitative PCR (q PCR) is commonly used to confirm the results obtained from microarray analysis, and although microarray and q PCR data could disagree, it is known that q PCR using SYBR Green is useful to validate Agilent inkjet-printed 60-mer oligo-microarrays [].

Specific primers were designed to perform a q PCR for four selected genes with c DNAs synthesized from the same RNAs used for the microarray hybridization.

The interleukin (IL) 17D belongs to a particular family with no sequence similarity to any other known cytokines.

In humans, IL-17D regulates cytokine production in endothelial cells and has an inhibitory effect on hematopoiesis [].

ESTs in the NCBI database (2,050) were then considered for the annotation.

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