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The history of religions has been marked with accusations and denials of idolatry.

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Dating an unbeliever christian

A latria is the veneration due God, and latria to anyone or anything other than God is doctrinally forbidden by the Orthodox Church; however dulia has been defined as veneration of religious images, statues or icons which is not only allowed but obligatory.

In Orthodox apologetic literature, the proper and improper use of images is extensively discussed.

They are neither the origins nor the destinations of thought but the intermediary in the human inner journey.

Fervid opposition to the idolatry of the Greeks and Romans was of Early Christianity and later Islam, as evidenced by the widespread desecration and defacement of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures that have survived into the modern era.

These arguments assert, "the honor given to the image is transferred to its prototype", and that venerating an image of Christ does not terminate at the image itself – the material of the image is not the object of worship – rather it goes beyond the image, to the prototype.

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