Fifteen million merits online dating

by  |  06-Dec-2017 12:11

The episode plays with the question of our complicity in hate speech online — and whether giving platforms to the people is really a good idea.

When Black Mirror goes in for straight horror, it’s never as scary as the insidious terror of its ordinary-life episodes, as evidenced by the jump scare-heavy Playtest.

The perfect thing to make your blood run cold during the holidays.

Don’t watch Be Right Back if you were planning on doing anything productive afterward: It’s so penetrating, moving and chilling, you’re going to need a few days to process it.

Considering we’re already in a rating-based world, Nosedive doesn’t make you think any harder than your usual reservations about social media. In it, a vulgar cartoon bear from a late-night show — think Triumph the Insult Comic Dog — takes on a local election to point out the hypocrisy of the candidates.

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