Helium dating

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The question remains, can this theory accurately predict the radiogenic helium levels in zircon specimens from sites other than the Fenton Hill well?

To answer this question, I will make some predictions based on RATE’s data and conclusions and then compare them with field observations.

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Helium dating

According to the Curtin University press release, Professor Brent Mc Innes devised the idea of using the laser and helium dating technique on zircon crystals that come from a diamond-rich rock known as kimberlite.

Mc Innes’ team found that zircon crystals were very low in helium.

Nevertheless in our suite of young, chemically similar lavas the correlation between the K sbnd Ar age and the helium content is good enough to make the helium measurement worthwhile as a check on a possibly anomalous argon age, especially in a system where the additional labor required to make the helium is minimal.

The Columbia River basalt from which standard samples BCR-1 and BCR-2 were prepared was also dated. shows that this rock has retained even less of its radiogenic helium (30%) than the island basalts.

But there is a significant amount of helium still inside the zircons, showing their ages to be 6,000 /- 2,000 years.

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