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They've been dancing around each other, but Molly decided to take a chance and kissed an unsuspecting Riggs.How could she not see that Martin had a huge crush on her?At first, I thought Molly was going to get in Cahill's face because that just seems like something she would do, but I'm glad it didn't happen.

If things don't work out between him and Molly, will their friendship survive?

Good friendships run deep and can survive anything.

The Murtaughs had a rather dull storyline with Trish and Roger trying to get their baby girl, Harper, accepted into an exclusive preschool. If you need to catch up, you can watch Lethal Weapon online right here via TV Fanatic.

A school that doesn't allow their families to watch television should be shut down immediately, don't you think? I understand that Trish and Roger want the best for their daughter, but that school doesn't seem like a good fit for their family.

After all, she chose Jake over Martin in their youth.

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