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Sling The Mesh has almost quadrupled in members in recent months.

Nearly 4,600, mostly sufferers, now support the cause to ban vaginal mesh implants.

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Anyone wanting to donate to Ms Brjacic's family can do so here.

According to the NHS and MHRA, the risk of vaginal mesh pain after an implant is between one and three per cent.

It's reported she would be pumped full of strong medication in her local hospital's emergency department at least once a month.

Kath Sansom, founder of Sling The Mesh, created a Just Giving page to raise £1,000 to send to Ms Brajcic's young sons. Writing on the post, Ms Sansom, 49, said: 'Chrissy was a courageous woman who, despite her suffering, remained, calm, strong and beautiful.'Let her death not be in vain.' Ms Sansom also described her as 'determined to spread the message to stop other women suffering'.

The health watchdog only commented on organ prolapse and not urinary incontinence or hernias, which implants are also used for.

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