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After the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation took Lisa’s laptop for evidence — she says they still haven’t returned it — someone sent her a new one.

In May, when Lisa’s phone stopped working, someone quickly mailed her a replacement. They want to run their psychic premonitions by Lisa and dissect her parenting skills.

She was dramatic and feisty, smoked pot, and sometimes hung around with a rough crowd.

But Jessica was also a sweetheart: bubbly, loyal, and generous, too, the kind of girl who would give you her last dollar if you needed cheering up.“It’s the most baffling case I’ve ever worked on,” said District Attorney John Champion, who said he’s worked for the county for 22 years. They’ve interviewed and in some cases reinterviewed more than 130 people, Champion said, including multiple Erics and Derricks.

But a little over an hour later, Jessica’s stepmother started pounding on Lisa’s front door in a panic. ” Investigators say they’ve been able to track exactly where Jessica was the week before she was burned alive, but not during that final hour.

Her husband, Ben, Jessica’s father, is a mechanic at the Sheriff's Department, so the police had called them first.“I just didn’t believe it,” Lisa said. Jessica did go to the gas station after getting a call from a friend — surveillance video captured her pumping gas and waving to someone off camera — but then she made a few more stops, one at an unnamed residence and another in a town five miles away, before she arrived at the scene of the crime, a rural road about a mile away from the gas station, by .

When Lisa gets frustrated, they accuse her of being evasive or sending them on a "wild-goose chase.” Sometimes Lisa tries to reason with them. (Recently, after a woman called her “rude,” Lisa wrote back, “You Might understand My BABY was Murdered!!

Random masturbation chats

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