Sleep apnea dating

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You’ll wake in a pool of sweat, completely dehydrated. And significant hormonal shifts can cause you to wake in a sea sweat as well—so, careful with the mass-building hormones, brother.Note: One thing you showered,” Bordone says, “then your heart rate and metabolism should return to baseline before bed.

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And if you’re with a partner, it’s a thousand times worse.

Night sweats can be a side effect of a serious problem, the byproduct of a momentary illness, and even a visible sign of stress.

If you’re a victim of night sweats, you know that few things that happen in bed are less convenient—or more awkward, depending on the circumstances—than waking from a deep slumber and finding yourself in a pool of your own sweat.

You move to another spot on the bed, or sleep on top of the sheets—just to wake up an hour or two later in another fever-like sweat.

*Ditch the drugs: The same goes for recreational drug use.

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