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Notice that I used parenthesis to enclose the multiple parameters.This is completely optional – but improves readability.Now, if you want to get items that “contains” specific characters, you use the “substringof()” function.

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In the case of multiple “ANDs” and “ORs”, for a stricter and finer result set, you need to use the parenthesis to enclose filter sets.

This example below: You see how we’re grabbing items with “Content Type” equaling to “Operating Policy” OR “Procedure” AND “Subject” equaling to “Safety”.

The syntax is below: This is also useful for creating paging systems – in combination with an offset option (below). Combined with the total, you can create your own paging mechanism.

So you know how to limit your results, and you know how to get the total items. Update 8/10/2016: I just found out that the $skip parameter doesn’t work with list items.

As for the ‘;#’ delimiter, you see that sprinkled throughout how Share Point stores data values.

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