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If I saw something like this creepin' around in the garden, I'd step on it. It's got more nutrients than Nesquick powder, and all the hip kids come a runnin' when mom's mixin' up a nice tall glass of that rich chocolaty goodness. It's one of those things that once you notice it the first time, you notice it time.

And here we have your typical Anthorian guard, or as I like to call them, abba zabbas. I dunno, but when I look at them the words abba zabba pop into my head, so that's what I call them. I got this mental image of a bunch of guys in tap shoes stomping around on a hardwood floor with a guy on his hands and knees holding a microphone by their feet while the director was sitting off to the side going, "Just-a-pretend you're stompin' the grapes youse guys." It was stupid, but it was funny too, so that made it ok. The only things that were semi cool were the light swords.

Watch the bees 1978 online dating

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He was a different character and a different color in the previous film though.

He's the leader of this tribe of alien people who have been getting kidnapped by the race of blonde abba zabba dudes in the silver jumpsuits known as Anthorians.

The bald head, the missing eyebrows, the goldish color to your skin that makes you look like you haven't taken a leak years... Now if you'll excuse me, I have places to go and things to see, and quite honestly, you and your buddies all smell like pee. Anyway, he was in War of the Planets, as were many of the people in this movie.

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