What is validating parking mean

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Of course, with validation machines, there is no "shrinkage," as there may be with validation stamps; however, there is the labor involved with reading and resetting meters. says there is no question that automated payment systems have cut into his business.However, on the reverse side, organizations that haven't automated are looking more closely at their validation programs and that has helped.Some systems cannot read the very tiny bars on the 1-inch stamps.

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A validator, connected either by phone, hard-wired or Wi-Fi, is placed at each validation location.

The parker's ticket is run though the validator, and the ticket number along with the location of the validator and perhaps any choices made (one hour, all day, etc.) is transmitted to the central system.

According to the suppliers, automated validations make up about 20% of the market; however, they are growing rapidly."We have seen a substantial increase in the use of automated validations over the past few years," says Peter Young, President of Digital Printing Systems.

"There is no doubt in my mind that this is the direction in which the market is moving."Tom Carter of the Toledo Ticket Co. "Orders for automated [validation] tickets are increasing virtually monthly; however, standard validation stamps still make up about 80% of our validation business.""Many of the [validation] stamps we print now have bar codes on the stamps," says Young.

When the ticket is presented for payment, the central system takes into account any online validations made and computes the fee accordingly.

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