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While watching footage of air shows and defense contractors' shows (with a muzaked "Tiny Bubbles" playing in the background), Jarecki observes that militarism has become "a part of everyday life, something that people go to the way they might go to the circus." This normalization of the military, adds Wilkerson, results in an ongoing "national security state." To support this state, the film argues that a fourth component has been added to the three usually recognized as comprising the "military-industrial complex" (the military, the government, and the arms industry), the think tanks that conjure policy.In concert with this development, Wilkerson laments the lack of field experience among decision-makers, and further, the ways that advanced technologies create what he calls "techno-warriors." He says, "They are the kind of warriors who frighten me because of their distance from my war, which is the mud marine, the grunt, the instrument who confronts the realities of war every day of his life that he's in combat." He sighs, observing, "I sometimes think many American leaders in civilian clothes would love to have Doberman pinschers whom they could release on eth world and then put back in their cages. self-image, as self-interested nation and ideological force.

Rousey executive produced the documentary series, which shows the highs and lows of fighters in their careers.

The trailer shows drug addictions and other problems as well as how fighters can travel the world and live their dreams.

Maybe soon, alternate news and views won’t be free and readily available.

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Such plans were circulating, the film shows, in various places, including the American Enterprise Institute's now infamous document, "Rebuilding America's Defenses," released in 2000. Her trajectory -- from career military to such keen disillusionment that she now declares she will never let any of her children join the military to "help the U. pursue an imperial agenda" -- prompts Wilkerson's observation, "She was caught in the center of this ruthless aggressive pursuit of the neocon vision...

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